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Dragon Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage, high-potential startups. The priority of Dragon Ventures is to help these companies grow their initial user base through partnerships. Besides providing capital, Dragon Ventures will also offer guidance on strategic development or management advice through their network of experts and advisors, and help startups connect with other investors. 

Having reached outstanding returns from the previous investment, Dragon Ventures decides to allocate approximately $20 million worth of funding to invest in newly founded companies that are developing blockchain-based games with Metaverse vision or providing industry-wide blockchain solutions.

“We’re looking forward to working with entrepreneurs who share our passion for creating world-changing technologies.”

– Mr. Lai Trung Hien, Founder of Dragon Ventures

Mr. Lai Trung Hien

Dragon Ventures is founded by Mr. Lai Trung Hien, an ex-representative of Krypital Group, the one behind the phenomenal success in VietNam of the 4 ICOs namely: Cybermiles, Arcblock, Merculet, Egretia. “Dragon Ventures is committed to bringing together the best minds in the industry to help these startups grow and reach their full potential”, just as how Mr. Hien himself had helped the above ICOs gain exceptional results in the VietNam market.

Mr. Lai Trung Hien has more than 13 years of experience in the IT (information technology) industry, with 10+ years working at FPT Corporation. One of the top biggest telecommunications corporation in Asia with over billion dollars in revenue a year.


Mr. Marcus Phan
Head of Partnership

Marcus Phan heard of partnership with 6+ years experience in international finance, business development and communication, and international relationship.

During the time studied above, he had more than 3 years experience working at Multinational Financial corporation and helped them improve their connections with many companies in the South East Asia area. Moreover, Marcus Phan has invested in the cryptocurrency market and earned a huge amount of value since 2017, founder of Puma Ventures an cryptocurrency investment fund and became Finance Advisor for multiple projects investment in the cryptocurrency market.

Mr. Luis Phan

Graduated as valedictorian from Hutech University in IT (information technology) industry. Luis has more than 9+ years of experience in operations management marketing strategies, financial management, and business strategies. By combining modern technology with business strategies, he has been successfully leading and advising young startup businesses in many fields such as F&B Management (Former business owner of 5 stars Michelin restaurant), financial advice for E-Commerce systems and design blockchain systems. Currently, Luis is The CTO of Dragon Ventures, and managing director of system software in many large corporations in Vietnam and England. Moreover, he has a lot of experience in software development, IT project management and analysis & strategy advisor not only for Vietnamese partners but also other partners around the world. With the ability of creating and leading business strategies, he can be completely confident to analyze situations quickly and accurately, therefore making quality and exclusive solutions for customers’ needs.

Mr. Anthony Luong

Founder of UniCapital, Anthony Luong is the CMO of Dragon Ventures with 8+ years of experience in developing marketing strategies, improve products quality, and developing and executing marketing strategies for top consumer brands Moreover, He has more than three years working at Vietnamese Bird’s Nest Exhibition Center VBEC as the CMO of the company. Motivated and efficient product marketing manager, contributed to a 25% increase in sales by revising pre-existing marketing strategies for poorly performing products. Furthermore, he has started investing in the cryptocurrency market and mining since 2016. During that time he earned more than $3.5 million, and became Marketing Advisor for multiple social impact projects in the crypto and blockchain space.


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